I see you , and I’m not giving up

I really believe that life lessons are found when things don’t go as planned. It’s a test of our resilience, a test of how bad we want things. It’s our ability too look the set back in the eye and say ” I see you, and I am not giving up.”

Yes I want to look good in a bathing suit, yes I want to lose all the weight I’ve packed on since having my two beautiful kids who doesn’t? However this journey is so much more for me.

My journey is about health, it’s about bringing my body, and mind back to a happy state. It is about slowing down my illness whatever that may be, and making my knee stronger. It’s about not believing the doctors when they tell me MS will likely cripple me, and surgery is the only way when it comes to my knee. It is about believing with your whole self a healthy you will slow all of this down.

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So while I sit here with a slightly dislocated knee, and prepare to get through my list of exercises I’ve compiled that dont need it. I can’t help but smile to myself in pride. This time I’m choosing me, this time I’m working around my set backs. This time will be different for this time I am going to look my set backs in the eye, and say

“I see you, and I’m not giving up.”

1 thought on “I see you , and I’m not giving up”

  1. I always liked a message Andy Murray had on a T-shirt – ‘Sweat is just weakness leaving the body’. Like you, he’s now struggling to make his body do what it used to, but he’s always tried his best and I will always respect him – and you – for giving it a go!

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