30 Seconds

Today is day 6 of my new healthy lifestyle. I have worked out 4 of them, soon to be 5, because monday is my rest day. While I’m super proud of myself mainly because I thought I would quit on day 2.  Most of the days I didn’t want to do my workout, I just wanted to curl up in bed, and nap. As a stay at home mom 30 minutes to myself normally means nap time. So anyway this is my check in I survived, I stayed on track, and I still hated every minute of it.

Picture from google search

My fit friends tell me that it will get easier, eventually I’ll want to workout, and that eventually I’ll need to just like my morning coffee. For the record I don’t believe them, but time shall tell I guess. I’ll tell you one thing though you have NO IDEA how long 30 seconds is untill you have to fill it with high knees.😂😅

With that today I will complete day 6, if you read this far wish me luck!! This time I’m sticking with it even if it is just so I can write this blog that nobody reads.

Much love everyone.❤

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