One Very Small Step

I am guilty of starting things getting discouraged, and giving up. This blog, nails , exercise,making sneakers, and quilting. These are just a few things I’ve started, and then lost interest in, or gave up on. Ive decided to utilize this blog, for holding me accountable. I will be documenting my sucess, and failures on my journey to becoming healthy. This blog will be raw, and real my hope is that it will be relatable.

Which brings me to my first post. How do you get started when you know theres a mountain to climb? How do you start when you think you aren’t strong enough to climb it? Well you take a first step. It doesn’t matter how small you just take it. Then another, and another before you know it your at the top, or some crap like that anyway.

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I am choosing to believe that small steps will add up, you will get where your going taking small steps. Don’t believe me? Take a walk to the store, but only take small steps. You’ll want to take bigger steps, and it will be incredibly frustrating. Guess what? You still get there in your own time.

Yesterday I took my first small step. I drank four glasses of water, and did a fifteen minute workout. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal when said out loud. It was so much more then just four glasses of water, and a fifteen minute workout. It was me choosing me. It was me making one small step to a healthier life style. It was more then a thought I had actually put it into reality. I had done it, I was proud, and I hated every minute of it.

One small step down 2.5 million to go 🤷‍♀️

Help me stay positive, tell me about your climbs to a healthier you.

4 thoughts on “One Very Small Step”

  1. I read a book the other day that talked about adding a new routine you want to embed in your life to a neutral habit that you have – such as emptying the dishwasher or making a cup of tea. I wanted to do a few planks to strengthen my core, so I did my first lot after emptying the dishwasher’s top shelf , the second after the bottom shelf, and the third after emptying the cutlery basket.

    Another book I read – by a British runner called Jo Pavey, who unexpectedly won the European Championships at the grand old age of 40 – described how she used to do all her strengthening exercises like this, while doing chores around the house and looking after a baby. So she’d do 50 squats while she was emptying the washing machine, and stretches while she was sterilising the baby’s bottle, etc.

    I found all this quite helpful, but it doesn’t stop me regressing, or forgetting to do the exercises sometimes. I suppose it’s also be quite helpful to be able to forgive yourself if you fall off the programme from time to time – after all, the whole point of self-improvement is to feel better about ourselves, right?

    Enjoyed the post – thanks, and good luck with your programme!

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    1. Huh thats a great idea really. I’m going to give that a try as finding a half an hour to myself everyday is proving rather difficult. Would you mind sharing the name of the books? I would love to read them.
      I struggle with forgetting to exercise, not so much forgetting but putting it off to a point where I’m just to exhausted to bother. Which i guess is the same thing.
      Thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy that you enjoyed the post.

      Also thank you for the luck,I think I’ll need it lol


      1. Hmmm, the new habits on top of neutral habits thing was in a book called ‘Why Losing Your Job Could Be the best Thing That Ever Happened To You’ by Eleanor Tweddell, but it was only referencing a whole book on the subject called ‘Tiny Habits’ by Dr BJ Fogg. The Jo Pavey book was her autobiography (called ‘This Mum Runs’). At least you’ll boost your reading habit if you follow these up! Lovely to hear from you, and (more) best of luck with your writing (although I’m sure you won’t need it!)

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      2. Fantastic thanks so much I’m going to look those up. I really enjoy reading books like that. As for writing well that is what I like to call a work in progress.


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