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I mop my house every day!!

With two kids five, and under at that. I know what you’re thinking why should you care? Well the truth is you shouldn’t, however if you’re like me, and always find that mopping is getting put on the back burner then this just might help you.

See any mom knows the struggle of cleaning with kids in the house. I mean really what’s the point? They just mess it up as soon as you’re done. Sometimes even before you’re done which is super frustrating. However we must try to keep our homes clean. You know not living in filth, protecting against diseases, and all that other junk.

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Anyway lets get to the point. How do I do it what’s my magic trick? Cookies, and juice. I get my house ready to mop then I sit my kids down in front of the tv with some cookies, and juice. The little darlings are distracted, and content for at least thirty minutes. Leaving you to mop your house in peace, and little footprint free. Unless of course you have a cat.

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