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Simmer away your problems

Simmer pots are wonderful things, not only do they smell amazing simmering in your home all day they bring all kinds of great vibes, and energy. They bring whatever you intend really.

The best part about a simmer pot is it grants wishes. I’m not talking genie in a bottle fix my life overnight wishes. However it does bring opportunity for thoose wishes to come true.

You can use a simmer pot to attract anything in your life peace, love, health, wealth, protection, just anything you wish to have more of. Let me tell you how.

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First things first what do you want to attract? For me it was money and wealth. So I used Google to find herbs, and fruits that are known to bring money and wealth. I picked my ingredients, and got to work.

The ingredients I choose to use were cinnamon, apples, and honey. First I filled my pot about half way full. Moon water is best, but I just used filtered water from the cooler. After all the belief, and intention are much more important then the tools. Next I set my intention this means I put out into the universe what I wanted to achieve with this pot. Then asked that the energy I seek be sent my way.

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The next part is easy it’s time to make the simmer pot. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You just do what feels right. You can throw it all in whole, chop it up nice, or a mixture of both. It really doesn’t matter as long as your happy with it. For me that’s the best part you can really get creative with it. Usually I thank the universe again for the energy I am about to recieve, and spend my day wallowing in the amazing smell that fills my house and ultimately my soul.

Once the day has ended, or your simmer pot has simmered dry. You then discard it by giving it back to the earth. This could mean dumping it in the garden,compost, or even burying it. Then you have faith. Faith that the universe has heard your plea, and that what you are seeking will manifest into your waking life.

That’s it! It’s so simple yet so effective. Tell me what you think hocus-pocus? Or Maybe I’m onto somthing? Have you ever tried a simmer pot yourself? how did it go?

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