Since I forgot my manners

I never really took the time to introduce myself, or to ask about any of you (I know how rude.) So I wanted to make a get to know you post. I’m hoping some of you will participate so I can get to know y’all too ❤

My names Stephanie, I’m 21,and holding. Ive had 8 fabulous 21st birthdays, and plan to keep counting this way.😂 I am a mom to 2 beautiful children, and lucked out because I got such an incredible husband. I enjoy things like crafting, coffee, oracle cards, and beaches to name a few. I joined wordpress really just to talk about my life, and better my writing. You know what they say practice makes perfect right?

Just me 🤷‍♀️

Enough about me tell me about you!! Where are you from? ,what is your name?( if you wish) , and a fun fact about yourself in the comments. I can’t wait to read the responses🙃

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