Love Is When They Love You Anyway

Love is when you wake up from a nap, and yell at your husband. Only to find out he cleaned the whole house for you. Then he cleans it again the next day anyway. ❤

Love is when your husband buys you flowers, and puts them in a vase on the window ledge. Then it takes you two weeks to notice, but he still buys them anyway. ❤

Love is when you ask your kids for a bite after it’s gone to see what they will say. Then they pull a peice from their mouth, and hold it out proudly. They didnt have it to share but they wanted you to be happy anyway. ❤

Love is when your daughter fills her pockets with rocks anytime she goes outside. All because her mommy likes rocks. It wastes her outside time but she collects them anyway. ❤

Love is when you see your child get so mad. That look comes across their face, and its obvious they dont know what to do. So they drop everything, and run right into your arms. They were busy, and interacting with the world. You were their safe place anyway. ❤

Love is when your mom sends you a text, and it reads ” I’m still mad at you, but I know you’re not feeling well today. If you need anything dropped off let me know.” I’m twenty-nine years old, and even when shes mad at me she takes care of me anyway. ❤

I’ve decided to stop focusing on the bad in the world, and the things that I can’t change. From this day forward I am only focusing my anyway ❤

Keep it going who are some people who love you anyway?

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