Where Distruction and Beauty Meet.

I love the ocean it’s my happy place. There’s somthing so enticing about the waves. Watching them crash hard on the rocks so destructive yet so delicate. It’s almost unsettling standing there as if leaving your fate to chance. As the water rises, and falls each wave getting just a bit closer. Each one pulling out just a bit further.

Photo taken by JustaskMa

The smell of the salt air,and the coldness of the spray on my face. The wind whips at my hair, and I have to squint to see. Its breathtakingly beautiful the way the colors swirl, and the water mixes togeather, as waves crash almost in sync.

I Stand there mesmerized, and just for a second I forget. I Forget that while its beauty lures me closer unknowingly almost as if in a trance. The ocean is as strong as it is beautiful. All it takes is one step too close, one underestimated wave, or one swift change for the ocean you give you one last display of Beauty. Pluck you from the shore, and carry you silently away.

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