Reality check

Its just been one of those days. I haven’t taken a shower, I haven’t gone outside. I’ve been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off, but I haven’t actually accomplished anything. I’m feeling rather down and deflated at the moment.

There’s so many Judgey Judy’s in this world its easy to get lost in what everyone expects of you as “mom”, or at least it is for me anyway. Earlier I came across a rant of sorts about all the things that make you a bad mother. Reading it I couldnt help but think this is all a load of crap.

The things I see every single day give us incredibly high standards to measure up to, and its frighting. As if becoming a mother makes me super human. Seriously I dont see how I, you, or anyone for that matter could ever live up to the expectations. For that reason I’ve compiled a list.

If you ….

Didnt get out of your pj’s today, and neither did your kids its OKAY and has probably earned you some cool points anyhow 🥳

Didnt take a shower. Really its cool. When you become mom I really believe it takes you way more time to stink…Maybe its just that you stink less then your surroundings 🤔

Ordered in for dinner. Again with the cool points for you. Plus no one ever died from the occasional chicken nugget.

Pushed bathtime untill tomorrow. No one baths their kids every single night without fail. Don’t believe the lies.

Let the baby cry for 5 minutes so you could breathe. You’re human trying to nurture,love, and raise another very tiny human. Its ok to need 5 minutes to breathe I don’t care what facebook told you.

Said no to playing pretend. Lets be honest sometimes you’re just not in the mood to slay a dragon or have tea with Nancy whos a cross between a lion, and a grasshopper.

Didnt make a big breakfast, with all 5 food groups. You grew up on pop tarts, and cereal. Look at you still living.

Or maybe were just simply in a bad mood. You are now, you were then and you will be tomorrow. A good mother. Just incase anyone else needed to hear it today.

I know I did.

2 thoughts on “Reality check”

  1. It sounds like this could fun..love your tidying up image just what a kiddie would do it really me smile…Thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂 Enjoy the world blogging it is a wonderful place 🙂

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