Freedom is mine.. well kind of

It’s finally nap time I’ve done it. I’m free to do what I want at last. Provided it doesn’t make to much noise, or involve leaving the house. There’s a million things I should be doing. Like cleaning the fridge, or scrubbing the bathrooms. I don’t know what goes on in those bathrooms, or how they get so dirty so fast. Somehow the bathroom needs to be cleaned, well always.

I could be a “normal” mom and bake a pie or throw some bread in the oven. Sure it would mean more dishes to wash,and the possibility of the smoke alarms going off. Theres a pretty good chance I’ll get distracted doing somthing else, and forget about the bread, but thats what moms do right?

I could answer the many unread messages in my inbox. It’s not that I’m ignoring anyone. It’s just life is well hectic. I’m lucky to have friends who understand. It may take 3 years for a reply, how ever I still love them. Sometimes you just cant keep up,and well thats okay.

As I sit here and think of all the many things I should be doing. I sip my pumpkin spice iced cap, and turn on my favorite show. All those things will be there tomorrow.I’m going to enjoy the quiet and maybe catch some much needed sleep.

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