You didn’t take a picture

I see you Momma. I know you’re on day 3 without a shower. I know you think you’re failing. I know you’re comparing yourself to other moms. How could they possibly have it all put togeather?

In short they dont. They just look like they do. They post these beautiful pictures, and you wonder how you could ever possibly measure up. They post pictures of their beautiful clean houses . While you sit in your tornado and gasp, as you wonder what the hell you could be doing so very wrong.

All you see is the clean, beautiful home, but you’re missing somthing. Everyones house is clean at some point. Weather you clean at nap time,or wrestle them into jail.. I mean the playpen. At some point your house is clean. The difference is you didnt take a picture.

How about when they post their beautiful, healthy meals. You feel guilty becaue you were late getting home for the second time this week, and your kid may, or may not have had a frozen dinner.

You’re missing somthing. Firstly her kid probably didn’t eat that she’s a liar. Besides the veggies were probably frozen anyhow. Its funny however I’m kidding and thats not the point. The point is you made your kids a nice, healthy meal too. Yesterday. You just didnt take a picture.

How about when you see pictures of their perfectly, well behaved angels sound asleep by 7pm. While you stand in the middle of a war zone trying not to lose your sh*t.

Once again your missing somthing, becaue while your kids may be standing on a cushion tower, signing the song of their people.while preparing for a make believe battle in some make believe land. Last night they were perfectly well behaved angels sound asleep right on time.

You just didn’t take a picture

Moms arent taking these pictures so that you can compare, and not measure up. Maybe they are who knows. In the end it doesn’t really matter because we all measure up. Take comfort in knowing that eventually you will look like you have it all togeather too.

In our house sometimes we just play how much. Its the kids favorite game. The goal is to see how much mom can take before she completely loses it. See while they think they’ve won and maybe for now they have. This momma has stories for days, and pictures to prove it. I think I’ll just keep them my little secret untill their wedding days 😊

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