A rock can change your life

Picture from amazon.ca

Okay y’all, my daughter has been a dream sleeper literally since shes been born. I never had issues with her, from 2 months old she slept a soild 12 hours. Untill about 6 months ago. She was getting up multiple times a night all of a sudden saying she was having bad dreams.

We tried everything, and I mean everything. Soothing music, night lights, no screen time, happy stories, bubble baths the list goes on. It was becoming rather clear that nothing I was going to do was going to work. I needed some magic.

The next night I took the kids to the park, and as they played I found myself looking at the rocks. No two were the same. Some shiney, some dull, some big, others small. None really anything special but all rather unique in their own way.

Then it hit me. The most clever idea I think I’ve ever had, and it just hit me out of the blue. I needed some magic… some magic rocks. The next day I went straight to our local “witch shop” and picked up some crystals. Soon to be known as “magic dream rocks”. I took them home and showed them to my daughter.

” well how do the work” she questioned. I smiled and told her, because they were magic when placed under her pillow the bad dreams would get confused, and go into the rock instead.

That night she slept through the night, and for weeks after. Fast forward about a month in, and shes playing with some children she met at the park. They get talking about bad dreams.

My daughter starts searching the rocks and finds the shinest one she can find. She gives it to the little girl proudly and tells her its a “bad dream rock, ask my mommy she knows” I confirmed that the bad dream rock was infact real and that the little girl should most definitely give it a try. That night we went home, and as I tucked her into bed. My darling daughter said

“Mommy when I lose a tooth what if the tooth fairy takes my magic rock instead”

I laugh everytime I think of this story. Its funny that something so simple can bring comfort in the biggest ways. I plan to keep her first dream rock so that she can pass it along to her kids someday. That is if she ever takes it out from under her pillow.

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