Another Day

Another day has come, and gone. The littles are asleep.

I plop my butt down on the coach, and prop up my aching feet.

I put on my favorite show, and smile with relief. While I take in the queit I can help but think.

How lucky am I to hear little feet running down the hall. Even though it makes me mad I love their handprints on the wall.

How lucky am I to hear them scream MOM from another room, or throw their dishes in the sink when there isn’t any room.

How lucky am I to hear them fight, and bicker. Even if I am constantly yelling “stop hitting your sister”.

The truth is it’s hectic the house is a mess. My name is mom, and I’m just doing my best.

So as I sit here, and look at the toys on the floor, I can’t help to be a little less angry then I was before.

You see some how these minutes they turn into years. I’ll go from the best mom ever to additude, and peirced ears.

Even with that additude I’ll love them so much. I’ll beg time to slow down, because really what is the rush.

Time she moves on, at the same steady pace, and my babies they grow right in front of my face.

I try to hold on tight ,and pray they stay small. I try not to blink, so I miss nothing at all.

See the minutes are long, but those days they are short. They won’t always want to head to the court.

I am not always going to be their best friend. I guess all good things really do come to an end.

So embrace life Momma do it with a smile. For our babies are only babies for such a short while.

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