Lets Talk Canadian Healthcare

It is crap.

Thats right the only way to describe it is crap complete, and total crap. I used to be one of those people that thought people who went on these rants were crazy. Untill now. Now I’ve experienced it, and the whole system is just crap.

Today I asked for a second opinion, I gathered my courage, and I asked how I could see someone else. A different neurologist to be exact. Why you may ask? Well because mine is wrong. Just plain wrong. You know what I was met with? My doctor defending his character, and telling me what a great doctor he was.

I was met with advice to wait, and see the spealist of his recommendation. That I didn’t need to see another neurologist as he had already decided my current diagnosis was wrong. Which is great, and all I would love nothing more then for it to be wrong. However not only have they taken away my diagnosis they have no idea what it could be, nor are they trying to find out. He advised her to prescribe me a daily opioid so she did, and called it a day. A medication that does not treat nerve pain, but yet was given to me for daily use to treat unknown nerve pain. Well I won’t be taking them as I refuse to be another medical made drug addict. It is terrifying that they throw these types of pills at someone. Even though they have no idea whats wrong.

All of this from one mans opinion who had one half hour appointment with me. Has only spoken to me through his nurse since, and has done the least effective test possible for finding the source of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I’m just supposed to accept it. To continue on living my life in pain, and fear of when the pain will strike again. I’m just supposed to be okay with having no quality of life. I’m just supposed to say ok.

So when this happens where do you turn. No where thats where. Your fate rests solely on luck of the draw. If your unlucky, and don’t get a spealist who actually cares about you. Then sucks to suck, because family doctors are too scared to make waves even when its pretty obvious their wrong.

Canadian healthcare is crap dont let anyone tell you different.

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