I Owe Every Nail Tech In The World An Apology.

You ever get your nails done, and think that it doesn’t look so hard. As you watch your nail lady paint, polish grind, and repeat. You think if only you had the tools you could totally do that yourself. I mean after all it is just like painting your nails just a little more shaping, and drying involved right?

My first attempt. Laugh with me I know its not pretty.

Wrong. This was my thought process the last time I had my nails done. After I left, and stared lovingly at my Ninety dollar nails. I took to Amazon where I ordered everything I needed to be my very own nail professional at home. I spent the three day shipping time watching videos, and reading blogs. By the time my kit arrived clearly I was a professional.

I set everything up, and got to work. Three hours later… yes three. I was finished, and I stared down at my lumpy,bumpy, and uneven nails. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. It was hard really, really hard. So while proud of my much less then perfect attempt. I have a new found love, and appreciation for my nail lady.

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