Don’t Worry Everyone’s a Judgey Judy.

I read a post somewhere on here about judging people by what’s in their grocery cart. As I was reading it, and the comments I couldnt help but chuckle. People really do judge everything you do even if it’s silently to themselves. The judgements are always there.

Then it got me thinking we are all so quick to judge, but seldom is the full story there. We see a woman digging in a garbage can. We think she’s dirty, on drugs or had it coming for some reason, or other. In reality shes a domestic abuse survivor, whos recently freed herself, and it was harder then she thought.

We see a child with a dirty face, and we think oh my god where’s your mother. In reality she had a cookie to keep her quiet, and made a bit of a mess.

Picture from google.com

The thing with judgements is we don’t see what really happened. What that person’s going through or the “why”. We create a story of which makes us feel inferior, and we cast a judgment. One thats often wrong anyone who’s seen my cart in the grocery store with my kid in the buggie, and five boxes of poptarts in the basket would be appalled.

What they dont know is my kids hate pop tarts, and they are for me… but thats a whole new set of judgments in itself. It’s human nature to cast judgements on people everyone does it. Subconsciously without even realizing it’s happening. Yes Judy even you, who swears you don’t.

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