Do you know where trick-or-treating came from?

Well trick-or-treating was a sucess the kids got too much candy, and had so much fun! With the time change they were up bright, and early before the sun. Stuffing their faces with candy,and rummaging through each others treat bags. Normally I would never allow this but much like Christmas, Halloween is only one day a year. The best part has always been watching cartoons on the coach, and eating candy untill you’re sure you might puke.

Picture from google.com

I learned somthing really interesting yesterday though. Did you know that a very very long time ago people used to make “soul cakes” on October thirty first? The cakes were meant to honor their passed loved ones. On this day the poor people would go door to door asking for a peice. This was known as “souling”, and has since been changed to “trick-or-treating” in modern day.

How cool right? If you didn’t know well now you do. ❤

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