Mom Died

Picture from google.com

Why is it that no matter what you do for your kids to get them settled beforehand. They literally need you like the sky is falling the minute you start doing somthing. Seriously ya’ll I don’t get it.

Let me tell you a story. This is a true story it happened to me, and probably to a friend of a friend of mine. Anyway my youngest is down for a nap so I head downstairs. It’s quiet, and my daughters in her room playing. I turn on the TV thinking that will draw her out forsure. I EVEN put on my “boring mom show”. Nope nothing.

At this point I’m thinking its too good to be true. I continue watching my show for a few minutes. Still nothing. I knew I was pushing my luck, I knew that I should have just left well enough alone. Taken my free moments of peace, and run.

Instead I pushed my luck I got up and started deep cleaning the livingroom. Here I am coach pulled out on my hands, and knees. Pulling out the toys my little monsters so graciously stuffed behind, and underneath for me to find. Its kind of like a scavenger hunt only its no fun at all. Almost as if right on que I hear it.

“MOOOOM I’m thirsty”

As I sigh in defeat, plop myself down on the coach with an over dramatic thud. I listen to the sound of my name being yelled out over, and over again. As I grumble to myself “mom died”, and drag myself to the fridge to get my monster a drink.

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