Mind your Business

I swear my kids drop somthing on the floor or spill somthing and think oh well mom will get it. Im ninety present sure that is their thought process when making a mess. Yesterday was especially bad if I could make a bet that my children generally think I am their maid. I would take that bet and be a very rich woman.

Yesterday I cleaned my livingroom five times.Yes FIVE times before I gave up. Each time the tornado ripped through about 5 minutes after. Toys everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Each time my daughter pitching a fit helping to clean them up as if I’ve gone back in time, and offended her ancestors.

Once again toys everywhere in less then five minutes. I was frustrsted, and annoyed so you know what I did. I put them little demons to bed and I left the aftermath of the tornado right where is was. Why? Well part of me was convinced they would know I had cleaned. That they would rise from their beds for one last tornado. Mostly though it was because I was tired of picking up the same toys over and over.

So long story short. If you come to my house to visit, and i’m sitting happily with what looks like the toy box threw up around me.

Mind your business 😒

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