The Perfect Thanksgiving Disaster

Picture from google.com

Do you believe in the rule of three? They say that bad things happen in three’s . Once again it has been the case for me. The three things happen back to back, and I swear some sort of cosmic forces are working agaisnt me. I hoping for the most part the storm has passed.

Well see it started Saturday night. While hubby was at work, he accidentally left the truck unlocked. It was broken into, and they took pretty well everything. Including a wallet that had nothing in it except for hubbies work tickets. So we are now looking at a big bill to replace them. This was only the beginning.

If you seen my post yesterday, you know we were having our Thanksgiving Dinner. It was my first time cooking a turkey, usually hubby does it. Well I got it cooked not to toot my own horn, but it looked great by the way.

I get all the veggies peeled, and put on the stove. Then it quits, thats right won’t do anything. Hubby does everything he can to fix it, and nothing works it’s kaput. Now the stove is new, so it must be the plug is the only explanation. It’s a holiday no one is coming untill Tuesday. Its safe to say that Thanksgiving isn’t happening.

So we give the kids dessert, and throw out the half cooked food. The internet wont work so hubby goes down to reset the breaker again. What would you know the stove lights up this time. We have just trashed Thanksgiving for nothing, and now there’s no going back.

So here I am not sure if I should laugh or cry, and guess what? The internets not back. I call them up, and it’s a “service interruption with no resolution date”, fantastic right not only do I have a massive mess to clean up. I get to do it while my kids cry they need paw partol.

I said screw it, hubby left for work,and I left the mess where it was. I headed to the playground with my littles,and they had so much fun. When we got home, we ate cold turkey sandwiches, and played games untill bedtime. There was still no internet, but we survived.

At bedtime my daughter informed me this was the best day ever. I kinda scoffed,and asked her why she said

“Because we got to go to the playground, and do fun stuff all night”

I smiled because in that moment I knew it would be a Thanksgiving she would always remember. Maybe just maybe my Thanksgiving disaster was and enhancement in disguise.

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