Stupid Chickens

Saturday mornings in our house are big breakfast mornings. We make eggs, toast, bacon, hashbrowns, and well of course coffee. Sometimes we pick up some donuts, and the kids get their favorite juice. Then we all sit down and eat togeather. I guess you could say it has become somewhat of a tradition.

This morning I was scrolling facebook before we got started. I came across a post about a massive egg recall. Instantly I knew that breakfast was going to be cancelled. I head out to the kitchen to check the recall list with the eggs I have in the fridge. Sure enough they are on the recall list and breakfast is a no go.

“Im starving mom, why cant we have the eggs”

“Mom what are we supposed to eat now”

“Why are the chickens sick? Will we never have eggs again”

All questions from my 4 year old much too soon before my morning coffee. I thought about popping some pop tarts in the toaster, and calling it a day. Stupid chickens, stupid eggs I mumble to myself as I open the cupboards to see what we have.

In the end we settled on grilled cheese for all, and now my daughter is playing quietly in her room, busy as a bee making the chickens some get well soon cards.

Picture from www.google.com

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